All New Names Ordered From theWORD4u are FREE!

Grunge free rubber stamp, vector illustrationYep, you heard right; to celebrate the relaunching of theWORD4u, all New Name orders of any one of our series will be free.

The recording and editing of a new name usually takes 3 days, but during this promotion, production times may run a little longer due to volume.

I appreciate all your shares and support. Thank you for helping me share the good news: the message of the Word of God is still for us today and forever more.

theWORD4u Relaunches!

bg_headerThe vision is still alive! Exactly 6 years ago I launched theWORD4u with a desire to see people blessed by the Word of God spoken to them by name. The journey of discovering how to bring this vision about has proved challenging and ultimately I shelved the project. I was focused so keenly on everything being perfect, that I didn’t give myself the opportunity to grow.

For the last 6 years, not a day went by that I wasn’t thinking about theWORD4u.  There have been a million and one excuses and rationalizations of why this project was impossible and how I needed to develop some sort of technology, program, or app to make this work. Not to mention the huge doubts about: “Who are you to mouth the Word of God to someone?”, “Is your life reflective of every scripture you’ll read to people?” The answer to those two questions is: “I am a child of God, trying to do what I know is the will of God” and  “No, my life isn’t perfect, and whose is? Only the accuser is happy when I put off sharing God’s Word until I attain perfection.”

To buy into the lie that perfection is necessary to serve God is a real bondage. Thankfully, I am over that mess and will be allowing the joy of the Lord to be my strength. I am fully convinced that your growth and appreciation of the Word of God will bring Him joy. I know I’ll be encouraged to keep producing readings daily as I hear how this tool is helping you in your spiritual walk with God.

I’ll finish this post by sharing some lyrics from one of my favorite songs. It’s Bethel Music’s “You Make Me Brave” where the chorus sings:

“You call me out beyond the shore into the waves”

“No fear can hinder now the love that made a way”

“No fear can hinder now the promises you made”

I’m brave in the knowledge that even though there will be challenges ahead, trolls to ignore, and impatient customers to do my best to satisfy. His call and love will carry me. No fear will sidetrack me from sharing the Word of God with all who want to listen to God’s Word encouraging them by name. Here we go!

Problems with checkout cart

To Elizabeth, Samuel, Phillip, Matt, and Heather thanks for letting me know about the checkout issues. Thanks for your patience. I think and update of WordPress or the checkout cart has temporarily broken the ability to complete an order. I started to poke around to see if I could get it fixed but then I thought better for fear that I’d mess things up worse. So I will wait till my IT guy comes in on Monday and have him fix things. Sorry again for the delay. I’ll send emails to those who are waiting to complete an order when things are corrected.


Coming Soon: Series 3: WORDs4 moms 2B

The child birthing experience can be an especially anxious time for expecting mothers. The anxiety goes through the roof, if the experience is the first childbirth! I currently have a sister-in-law who is expecting her second child, and out of my love for her, I’ve begun to work on our next series: theWORD4moms2B. This series will focus on the promises and declarations God has made to you, His covenant child, concerning childbirth. It is my desire and prayer for faith to spark in all the expecting women who hear this series: A “Blessed Birthing Experience” is your portion!


Check back here soon for the release of this powerful personalized scripture reading that’s sure to be a blessing.


Series 1: Who I am in Christ

Series 1: Who I am in Christ
In 31 faith-building verses, you'll hear the Word of God read to you by name. Hear God speak to you, letting you know that you are always completely accepted and forever loved by Him because of the perfect work of Jesus at the cross. Meditate on and allow the truth of these scriptures to be established in your heart, be empowered to walk in a greater measure of freedom, peace and victory today!

1. Born again – I Pet 1:23
Born Again

2. The temple of the Holy Spirit – I Cor 6:1
3. Delivered from the power of darkness – Col 1:13
4. The righteousness of God – I Pet 2:24
The righteousness of God

5. Victorious – Rev 21:7
6. Set free – John 8:31,32,34-36
7. Free from sin – Rom 6:22,23
8. Joint heirs with Christ – Rom 8:12-17
Joint heirs with Christ

9. In Christ Jesus by His doing – I Cor 1:30-31
10. Blessed with all spiritual blessings – Eph 1:3
11. Complete in Him – Col 2:10
12. Crucified with Christ – Gal 2:20
13. Alive with Christ – Eph 2:4-6
Alive with Christ

14. Saved by grace – Eph 2:8-9
15. Forgiven of all my sins & washed in the Blood – Col 1:14
Forgiven of all my sins

16. Blessed and chosen – Eph 1:3-4
17. Established to the end – I Cor 1:4-9
Established to the end

18. The righteousness of God in Him – II Cor 5:17,21
I am the righteousness of God in Him

19. Called of God – II Tim 1:9
20. In God – I John 4:15,16
I am in God

21. Raised up with Christ – Col 2:12
22. A new creature – II Cor 5:17,21
New creature

23. Free from condemnation – Rom 8:1,2
24. His workmanship – Eph 2:10
His workmanship

25. Chosen – Col 3:12-13

26. Able to do all things through Christ – Phil 4:13
27. Inseparable from His love – Rom 8:35,38-39
Inseparable from His love

28. Unstoppable – Rom 8:31-32
29. The branch – John 15:4,5,7
The Branch

30. As Christ is – I John 4:17
As Christ is


Order Now By Name


When ordering your personalized reading;

  1. If your first name is shown as available, please select it from the list.
  2. If your name is not yet available, please select NEW NAME and submit your name in the “Name for Personalization” text box during checkout.
  3. If the name you’re ordering has a unique pronunciation; please call me at 703 776 9817 and leave a voice mail of the pronunciation of the name. Include your order # and your name being pronounced 3 times (once slowly, and twice at a normal tone and tempo.)
  4. The production of your reading will take 3 to 5 business days to complete. An email will be sent to you when you recording is ready with an encrypted download link.
  5. If you’re on a PC and would like to save your reading, please Right-click on the streaming player and select SAVE.

How to unzip theWORD4u download folder with Windows XP or Vista

Now that you have downloaded your Personalized Scripture Reading, you must uncompress the folder so that you can listen to the files. You can unzip a file or folder a few different ways.


Double-click the Zipped File

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If you click extract all files, the files will be extracted (unzipped) in the same location as the original file unless you specify a location in the Select a Destination and Extract Files box.

Right-click the Zipped File

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The Order Process: theWORD4u

The process of producing your reading will take 3-5 business days to complete. The voicing of the scriptures will be lovingly and carefully completed with the intent and prayer that it will be aid in your spiritual growth. Our desire is that whenever you listen to theWORD4u, your mind is renewed and your faith in God is strengthened. It is our prayerful goal that each personalized scripture reading will touch the heart of each listener with the love of God.

When ordering your personalized reading, if your first name is shown as available; you’ll be able to download the reading once you have made payment. If you were ordering a NEW NAME and that name has a unique pronunciation; please call us at (703) 470-3326 and leave a message that includes your order # and the name being pronounced 3 times (once slowly, and twice at a normal tone and tempo.)

theWORD4u: How did it start?

Retro Style Microphone With ShineAs I read the Bible in my devotions, I always found it easy to look at the more challenging passages as if they were for someone else. That was until I started personalizing the Word of God for myself. By including my name in the scriptures and reading passages as if God were speaking to me personally; it became much easier to get convicted and take action on the what I’d read.

I was so touched with how powerful the Word was to me when I personalized it that I soon recorded it for myself to listen to over and over.  With the constant drumbeat of negative proclamations coming from the news media and Madison Ave, listening to a personalized Word was an excellent way to meditate on the truth of God to me in every situation.  The recordings allowed me to meditate consciously or unconsciously, when played softly in the background, on the life changing power of the Word of God.  Truths, that were only head knowledge once, started springing to life in my spirit!

In spite of how much it blessed me, it never occurred to me to provide personalized readings for others, even though I am a voice over professional.  It wasn’t until a Sunday church service this past January that the Lord gave me a vision of this ministry. Literally, the Lord was telling me to use your voice talent to blessed others by “calling the names of His children” into His word.  The scripture that resounded at the time of this vision was “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God.” Rom 10:17.

It is my prayer that you will be blessed and your faith will come alive as you listen to these recordings.


Welcome to theWORD4u

Welcome to This site is home to a ministry whose goal it is to help believers meditate on the truth and poignancy of the Word of God to them. Reading the Word of God is essential and necessary for every Believer for spiritual growth.  theWORD4u’s mission is to energize your study and meditation of the truths of the Bible by allowing you to listen to personalized selections of scriptures. It is easy to envision the Bible as being for the masses and not directed to you specifically, but in listening to the readings from theWORD4u you will be challenged as your specific name is called in the scriptures.  We believe the experience of hearing your name will inspire you to action and build your faith like never before.

God knows your name. He would like you to know that the words in the Bible are for all the world that receives it, but you are not lost in the masses. God knows your name and is speaking to you directly through out the Bible.  I believe God wants you to be blessed as you listen and meditate on His words for you in a new way. It is my prayer that all who request these readings will come to a deeper appreciation of the Words of the Lord being directed not just at the world at large, but at them personally. Be blessed as you listen.