Series 1: Who I am in Christ

Series 1: Who I am in Christ
In 31 faith-building verses, you'll hear the Word of God read to you by name. Hear God speak to you, letting you know that you are always completely accepted and forever loved by Him because of the perfect work of Jesus at the cross. Meditate on and allow the truth of these scriptures to be established in your heart, be empowered to walk in a greater measure of freedom, peace and victory today!

1. Born again – I Pet 1:23
Born Again

2. The temple of the Holy Spirit – I Cor 6:1
3. Delivered from the power of darkness – Col 1:13
4. The righteousness of God – I Pet 2:24
The righteousness of God

5. Victorious – Rev 21:7
6. Set free – John 8:31,32,34-36
7. Free from sin – Rom 6:22,23
8. Joint heirs with Christ – Rom 8:12-17
Joint heirs with Christ

9. In Christ Jesus by His doing – I Cor 1:30-31
10. Blessed with all spiritual blessings – Eph 1:3
11. Complete in Him – Col 2:10
12. Crucified with Christ – Gal 2:20
13. Alive with Christ – Eph 2:4-6
Alive with Christ

14. Saved by grace – Eph 2:8-9
15. Forgiven of all my sins & washed in the Blood – Col 1:14
Forgiven of all my sins

16. Blessed and chosen – Eph 1:3-4
17. Established to the end – I Cor 1:4-9
Established to the end

18. The righteousness of God in Him – II Cor 5:17,21
I am the righteousness of God in Him

19. Called of God – II Tim 1:9
20. In God – I John 4:15,16
I am in God

21. Raised up with Christ – Col 2:12
22. A new creature – II Cor 5:17,21
New creature

23. Free from condemnation – Rom 8:1,2
24. His workmanship – Eph 2:10
His workmanship

25. Chosen – Col 3:12-13

26. Able to do all things through Christ – Phil 4:13
27. Inseparable from His love – Rom 8:35,38-39
Inseparable from His love

28. Unstoppable – Rom 8:31-32
29. The branch – John 15:4,5,7
The Branch

30. As Christ is – I John 4:17
As Christ is


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    • Sure Felicia, it would be my pleasure to help anyone I can with establishing them in the word. New Christian or old. Send me an email to fill me in on their names and how soon you would like to have it done by.


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